People are Influenced by Group Conformity

Identifying a group in social influence is one of the most vital factors to knowing the level of conformity of that group. This is essentially where an individual alters their public behavior (how they behave and act in their daily life) and their personal beliefs. This is done in order to align themselves with the group’s identify.

When you identify a cohesive group, you are looking for individuals who have similar traits, needs, desires, fears, and challenges that can be brought together and messaged to directly and/or indirectly. Continue reading “People are Influenced by Group Conformity”


Most projects, most initiatives, most companies fail to achieve their desired result. That result can be revenue enhancement, cost reduction, customer satisfaction or any other goal. Most of these efforts may achieve a small portion of their desired results or even none at all. And this is because these companies, these organizations, these leaders, fail to fully develop and execute their strategies.  Execution is key. Continue reading “Failure”