Most projects, most initiatives, most companies fail to achieve their desired result. That result can be revenue enhancement, cost reduction, customer satisfaction or any other goal. Most of these efforts may achieve a small portion of their desired results or even none at all. And this is because these companies, these organizations, these leaders, fail to fully develop and execute their strategies.  Execution is key.

What if your company failed less, and succeeded more? What if you could manage your initiatives to reach your results? What would an extra 10% to 20% increase in performance do to your organization? This is why you should think through how your company can successfully develop a better business transformation process and / or evaluate your current process.

This guide will not provide you every step, every detail. What it will do is help you understand what’s important; what you should focus on. I’ve included sections at the end of each chapter to provide you with key questions to ask, common pitfalls and examples. I have also provided a journal at the end to allow you to reflect on what you’ve learned to assess your current process and assist you to develop, manage and execute better.

We all want to be the greatest; the best. But what if we just started by being better? Better than what we were yesterday; better than what we were last year. And if we’re going to improve the results every day in every way, what could we accomplish? Let’s succeed. Let’s not fail.

From the book, “The Space Between Strategy and Execution: The 8 Pillars to Successful Business Transformation” by author Gregg Harden