A Different Kind of Celebration

This holiday season will be significantly different than what everyone is used to. The uptick in COVID cases and the possibility of another lockdown impacts everything, from restaurant openings to leisure travel and family gatherings. Naturally, businesses are trying to optimize operations and find the best way to work around this COVID-affected holiday season. Even though some retail stores have witnessed surges in activity over the last few months, their revenue and profits will probably not make up for the sales declines they have experienced all year.

Therefore, to make the best out of these trying times, here are some ways you can revitalize your sales efforts for the last few weeks of 2020 and into early 202

Find new ways to reach and interact with your clients.

Localities are asking people to avoid large gatherings and are even suggesting a quarantine before coming together. This poses a concern to companies that organize social events and to the bars that host holiday parties. Thus, these businesses need to devise creative ways of serving their customers immediately.

The most obvious one is to harness the power of the internet and social media. Due to the unprecedented COVID outbreak, the online shopping shift has been accelerated by nearly two years in the US. That said, this is the best time for companies and small businesses , in particular, to prioritize improving their online presence and enhancing the consumer experience.

This primarily involves investing in alternative sales channels. This can include a new or upgraded company website or through multi-business web stores like Amazon, or delivery services platforms like UberEats and DoorDash. Some changes take less than 30 minutes to be up and operational.

Similarly, retail businesses can be active on social media (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok), where they can leverage and improve connectivity to their customers, enhance their appeal and utilize strategic online marketing to drive the all-important sales

Encourage new events and traditions.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has already experienced COVID impacts of their tradition. The New Year’s Eve ball drops will also be significantly impacted. Company’ies are hosting virtual Christmas parties. It would be a Lesser people will be gathering around to see the ball drop in New York or attending Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Some might not even go to their company’s Christmas party! In a time like this, it’s a smart strategy for restaurants and similar establishments to create their own events and campaigns that they can promote online. Coupling this with home delivery can result in increased sales and potentially significant profits. Who knows, these might become the sales strategies for the new year? It might   and, who knows, maybe even more than thepprovidinge you will sales avenues that were not available in previous years!

For instance, if individuals are nlet’s say you’re not allowed to host family reunigatherings inons in your pizza parlor, help them host pizza tasting virtual parties. So, how about eEncourageing customers to send similara pizza platters with your menu’s bestsellers as a present to their loved ones and they can eat and review the different specialty pizzas together? . Developing strategies like this is imperative for a continuous flow of revenue during Christmasthe holidays and beyond. , thus implementing them the soonest you can, will determine whether you make or break the bank!