Coronavirus has shaken the way people live their lives and executives manage their companies. From businesses shutting down to social distancing, these changes have prompted organizations to develop more flexible operating models supported by quickly adaptive business strategies.

In Off the Cuff’s Episode 3, I talked to Rick and Ingrid about the most crucial factors businesses should consider and how doing so will help them stay in business.

I expound more on the The COVID Strategic Adoptive Framework in the newest podcast episode. Along with this, I also share my thoughts on best practices on reopening schools, the positive and negative long-term impact of COVID, and why adaptability and having a people-first business mindset can help organizations thrive.

Gain the following insights in this episode:

  • (2:29) How COVID impacted big and small businesses
  • (5:49) Gregg Harden’s COVID Strategy Framework
  • (7:49) Businesses currently succeeding in the marketplace and what makes them thrive
  • (9:08) The upsides to the COVID pandemic
  • (10:49) Gregg Harden’s thoughts on opening schools
  • (12:39) On higher education and the challenges and transitioning to online classes
  • (14:04) On the continuity plans of schools
  • (16:12) Long-term impact of COVID
  • (18:41) After-COVID business mindset
  • (21:48) Applying the COVID Strategy Framework to restaurant businesses
  • (24:36) Customer and employee communication.