This book provides a guided journey through the process of Business Transformation. The chapters are designed to allow each phase to be reviewed and assessed individually.  They include overviews of the process, common pitfalls, tips for success and illustrative examples. Also include is a set of guided questions to allow you to journal your thoughts on each phase of the process.

Each phase is balanced between the rational aspects of transformation and the common pitfalls management fall into due in part to their lack of knowledge of the process, speed of implementation , the underestimation of experience required and readiness of employees to absorb and manage transformation initiatives. Comprising eight phases ‚Äď Gap identification, Strategy, Strategic Initiatives, Benefits Realization, Prioritization, Roadmap, Metrics and Manage and Evaluation. The book also provides high-level insights into the impacts of change management and process improvement on the success of business transformation efforts.

The book draws on the authors over twenty years of experience working with Fortune 1000 companies in the areas of Business Transformation (Strategy, Process Improvement, Strategic Performance Measurement, Change Management) and Project Management. A holistic view on what business transformation means and how to manage it successfully, this handbook is suitable for business executives and entrepreneurs dealing with the challenges of implementing strategic business transformation projects.